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Engine Hoist - Hydraulic

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This strong hydraulic engine hoist is purpose-designed for lifting and lowering vehicle engines. It is equally useful for moving other heavy machinery items in the workshop or on the building site. Hydraulic action makes light weight of transport engines, differentials, transmissions and other heavy loads. For automotive engine repairs or replacing an entire engine, this hoist will do the heavy lifting for you.
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The heavy-duty hoist is used by mechanics, boatbuilders, and others who require heavy lifting capability. Lift heavy engines with ease simply by pumping the hydraulic handle mechanism. For short term use or ongoing mechanical projects, this powerful hydraulic engine hoist will take the strain and get the job done.
What is an engine hoist used for?

A hydraulic engine hoist has powerful hand-operated lifting capacity, and is used to lift and lower vehicle and boat engines. Engine hoists are commonly seen in garages and backyards around Australia, and hoist hire is the smart way to get heavy lifting jobs done easily.

How much weight can an engine hoist carry?

It depends on the lifting and load bearing capacity of the particular hoist. Coats Hire provides a wide range of heavy-duty lifting equipment, and this hydraulic engine hoist will comfortably hold and support a regular motor vehicle engine.

How much does it cost to rent an engine hoist?

2 ton engine hoist hire is value for money. An engine can be lifted, repaired or replaced in only one day with a hydraulic engine hoist, and at around $80 per day, car engine hoist hire can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. For more care engine hoist hire solutions, speak to a Coates Hire service professional today.
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Engine Hoist - Hydraulic