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Mini Loader Attachment Hire

Properties are becoming smaller in urban Australia, while labour costs continue to increase, making a mini loader and attachments the smart solution. A mini loader can help you gain access to tight spaces for heavy duty performance.  

What are the uses of mini loaders?

A mini loader, also known as a mini loader dingo or bobcat, can perform multiple worksite tasks. Coates Hire petrol and diesel loaders are the compact alternative to larger bobcats and mini diggers, providing stable grip and plenty of muscle-power for levelling the ground and removing large objects.

With the addition of a mini loader attachment, your loader potential is dramatically increased, such as the ability to dig post holes or plough a field. Mini loader attachment hire is the smart way to get maximum value from hire equipment.
What are the advantages of mini loaders?

Mini loaders are not just a small alternative to powerful earthmoving equipment. Mini loaders are essential for performing lots of construction tasks. Here are just a few advantages.

  1. 360-degree vision: When driving a mini loader, the operator has a 360-degree view. The driver can see obstacles, people and other vehicles without obstruction, and can manoeuvre confidently for a safer workplace.
  2. Accessing narrow spaces: If you need to negotiate narrow streets and tight entry/exit points to reach a complex work site, a mini loader may be essential.
  3. Time saving: A mini loader with attachments can perform multiple tasks, saving heaps of time and freeing up space on the worksite.
  4. Cost saving: You don’t need a license to drive a mini loader, which means training staff is easy and cost effective. If you can drive a car, a mini loader will be a cinch.
What are the attachments available for a mini loader?
At Coates Hire, we have a range of high-performance attachments specifically designed to work with the mini loader. Attachment choices include:
  1. Mini loader auger 100 – 600mm
  2. Mini loader 3 tyne ripper
  3. Mini loader bucket 4 in 1
  4. Mini loader broom bucket
  5. Mini loader auger extension
A mini loader will help complete construction tasks on schedule and is perfect for all those extra jobs around the acreage. The attachments are used by builders, landscapers, DIY professionals and more.
How to use mini loader attachments?
Coates Hire mini loader attachments, also known as skid steer attachments and dingo attachments, are purpose designed to sync with our petrol or diesel-driven mini loaders. These loaders can lift 260kg and have tracked tyres or 4 heavy duty off-road tyres for navigating difficult terrain.

The auger attachment is a great alternative to manual digging. Mini loader auger function provides superior power compared to hand-held and smaller petrol-driven augers. If you have a lot of holes to dig for fencing or retaining walls, the mini loader auger and auger extension attachments will take over the workload for you.

The mini loader bucket 4 in 1 can be used for lifting heavy items and performing earthworks such as levelling the ground. The 3 tyne ripper attachment is strongly constructed and perfect for cultivation of hard soils. The bucket and broom attachments are ideal for fast clean-up of larger areas such as car parks and quadrangles.

A mini loader is a multifunctional and versatile machine and is in demand with construction crews and self-employed landscapers. It makes good financial sense for large estate owners to coordinate outdoor tasks once or twice per year with mini loader attachment hire backup.

Where to hire mini loader attachments?
It makes sense to hire landscaping equipment from highly regarded experts with a reputation for quality. Coates Hire is the go-to equipment and machinery supplier for large and small construction teams Australia-wide, with more products to choose from than anyone else. You can visit your nearest Coates Hire Centre in person or contact us over the phone or online.

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locate your nearest branch, make an online enquiry, or reserve your mini loader and mini loader attachment ready for use. We can deliver to your site and provide your mini loader driver with comprehensive user instructions for safe and productive work. With unbeatable hire rates, plus superior service, Coates Hire is ready to assist with your project.