There’s been a total ban on asbestos in Australia since December 2003, but that wasn’t before it made its way into Australian homes in our roofs, walls, gutters, and over 3,000 other products.


Asbestos can break down into microscopic fibres and remain airborne for days, exposure to these fibres can cause lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. So most importantly, DIY asbestos removal is not recommended, and in the ACT it’s not even legal. 


In all other states and territories, a non-licensed person is allowed to remove non-friable (bonded and held together) asbestos as long as the area is no bigger than 10m², but even though it’s allowed, it is not recommended. Asbestos is usually found in amounts larger than this, which is why we’re proud to offer asbestos removal training where we cover all of the legislation and risks involved with the removal of the dangerous material. 


The training runs for 2 days, and by the end of the course, participants will have the skills to work for a Class A license holder in asbestos removal. The Course covers important aspects of asbestos removal, such as:


  • Outlining legislation, regulatory requirements and educating on the laws and regulations surrounding asbestos in Australia today;
  • Risk assessment and hazard control strategies, making the process as safe as possible for everyone and covering all aspects of safe removal;
  • PPE, RPE, tools and equipment, including special tools used for removal, as well as PPE like respirators or dust masks recommended for asbestos removal;
  • Best practice for avoiding emergencies, while preparing for any ‘worst case scenarios’ along the way.
  • Control plans to prevent any dust contaminating the ground and the air, and planning the best possible removal.
  • Decontamination of site, tools, equipment and personnel ensuring that no dust leaves the work area and how to safely and legally dispose of overalls, masks and other asbestos waste.


As you can see, with so much preparation required, it’s best to leave this to the experts. So why not become one with our asbestos removal training course.


Our courses are run in line with the government’s COVID-19 guidelines utilising increased sanitation of classrooms and equipment, appropriate physical distancing, and class sizes to cater to safety requirements.


For more information, bookings or to speak with our training professionals, please call 1300 657 867

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