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Generator - Petrol - 5kVA

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Complete with heavy-duty roll frame, handle and wheels, the 5 KVA petrol powered generator is safe to use and easy to operate. Reliable 4-stroke energy is transformed into electrical power for running a wide-range of equipment. Ideal for commercial and industrial applications, this generator is a builders best friend.
Ear Protection
Steel Cap Boots
5 KVA power is plenty for operating high-current power tools and appliances. Light and heavy industrial applications include welding, water pumping, electrical jackhammer work and a host of other mechanical and electrical uses. This tough generator will power all day long.
What can a 5kva generator power?

This generator can support many devices or tools simultaneously and depends on the combination of devices you wish to power. Refer to a wattage calculator or speak to a Coates Hire service specialist to ensure the generator you hire is up to the task.

How many watts does a 5kva generator produce?

A heavy-duty 5kva generator produces around 5000 watts, with plenty of petrol-powered potential. This pure sine wave invertor generator can switch from AC to DC power and includes a large fuel tank and electric start system so it won’t let you down.

What are the applications of a 5kva petrol generator?

A 5kva petrol generator is great on the building site, providing all-hours running time for operating power tools. This generator will also power household appliances, workshop gear and lots more tools and equipment. Contact Coates Hire for high quality petrol and diesel generator solutions for your situation.
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Generator - Petrol - 5kVA