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Gyprock Panel Lifter

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This product is specially designed for holding and lifting wallboard in place. It can handle gyprock, drywall, plasterboard, wood panels and a whole lot more. The panel lifter securely holds sheet products at any required angle for affixing to walls or ceilings. The telescoping, hand-operated hoist is easily assembled and dismantled, and stores easily for convenient transportation.
Steel Cap Boots
The gyprock panel lifter is ideal for solo workers who need to lift and affix large and weighty wall and ceiling panels. Use the adjustable arms and controls for establishing the desired angle for securely attaching drywall and gyprock. Suitable for building, fit-outs, construction, warehousing and DIY home renovations.
What is a gyprock panel lifter?

A gyprock panel lifter is the extra pair of hands required for lifting and holding sheet panel in place for securing to the wall or ceiling. Sheet panel is heavy and awkward to handle, making a gyprock sheet lifter the sensible approach to fast work.

How to use a gyprock lifter?

This gyprock lifter is foldable, transportable in a van and easily moved into position on location. It has strong wheels, a handy mechanism for holding sheets in place, and a hand-operated hoist for lifting and manoeuvring panels comfortably. 

Where to hire a gyprock lifter?

For unbeatable gyprock lifter hire deals, Coates Hire has what you need. Our extensive range of equipment and machinery for builders and professionals includes strong and sturdy gyprock lifters specially constructed for the task. Contact Coates Hire today regarding your building and construction needs. 
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Gyprock Panel Lifter