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Impact Wrench - 19mm - Air

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A 19mm air compression powered impact wrench will provide optimum tightening of nuts and bolts on a building project. It will also undo rusty bolts that are otherwise impossible to remove. Whether building or renovating, an impact wrench is a powerful assistant. Lightweight to handle and easy to operate, this impact wrench will take over the workload for you. A variety of sockets are available for covering a wide-range of bolts, making this a multifunctional tool for professional quality work.
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Builders, renovators, maintenance professionals and tradespersons all appreciate the strength an impact wrench provides. Avoid scraped knuckles and endless delays by using an impact wrench that is up to the task. The 19mm air-powered impact wrench will undo ‘frozen’ bolts and nuts, allowing you to continue with an ‘as-new’ build.
What is a compression wrench?

A compression wrench, or air-powered impact wrench, provides the force required to secure every nut and bolt tightly. The 19mm air impact wrench is an important builders tool, and provides max torque for securing nuts and bolts to wood, metal and other surfaces.

What is the difference between an impact driver and impact wrench?

An impact driver is for drilling through tough concrete and masonry by combining impact force and centrifugal (spinning) action, whereas an impact wrench uses similar physics to hold, push and turn stubborn nuts and bolts. 

How big of an impact/compression wrench do I need?

This will depend on the job at hand. Coates Hire provides an extensive power tool range, including several compressed air impact wrench options. If you need a replacement 19mm compression nut wrench in a hurry, or are planning a build or renovation, speak to a Coates Hire specialist today.
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Impact Wrench - 19mm - Air