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Material Hoist Hire
When you need to lift large or heavy objects or you could just use another pair of hands, material hoists can be a valuable asset on any construction site or renovation project. Whether you need to lift scaffolding, roofing, plaster board or other construction material, material hoist hire can improve efficiency and lower safety risks on projects of all sizes.
Coates Hire can supply material hoists for any purpose in all parts of Australia, including specialised material lifts for solo jobs and pivot arm material hoist hire for larger construction work. Talk to your local branch to discuss the working height and lift capacity you need and we’ll recommend the ideal hoisting solution for you.
What are material hoists?
Material hoists and lifts are equipment used to move materials, tools or sometimes personnel when working at height or when great lifting force is needed. The lifting chain is attached to a drum or wheel that may be operated manually, electronically or hydraulically.

Material hoist hire saves the time and energy of manually transporting materials around sites. It can also eliminate safety risks when workers don’t need to carry heavy materials up stairways or through narrow passages. With a secure hoisting system, there’s also less risk of damage to materials and structures.
Hoisting can be more practical than other materials handling solutions if you need to lift materials one at a time or need a greater max lifting height than a telehandler or material lift allows. Material hoists can also be specially designed for the types of materials you’re working with, such as scaffolding, roofing or plaster board.

What are the different types of material hoists?
Coates Hire has an extensive range of pivot arm material hoists and material lifts for hire from branches across Australia. Our teams will help you to choose the right equipment for the job with a range of sizes, capacities and specialised attachments available.
Pivot arm material hoist
If you need more manoeuvrability for hoisting, pivot arm hoists can rotate when loading, lifting and unloading materials. This can make them ideal for narrow or confined spaces where access may be limited. Coates Hire has pivot arm hoists from 100-300kg.

When you hire a pivot arm material hoist from Coates Hire, you can also choose specialised attachments such as a bucket, swivel extension, adjustable prop or scaffold attachment. These are easy to mount on the hoist using a quick spring-catch hook system. 
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Material lifts & hoists
For plaster boarding, dry lining walls, panel fixing and other renovating or roofing jobs, Coates Hire’s material lifts can give you extra flexibility to complete jobs on time and with ease.

Designed for tight spaces and indoor or outdoor use, choose from specialised panel lifters and other hoisting systems to turn any project into a one-man job. 
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What is the size and capacity of a material hoist?
Material hoists have a greater lifting height compared to vertical lifts and other access equipment. Coates Hire can supply hoisting equipment to suit jobs of any scale, from tall building construction to roofing and ceiling work.

It’s also essential to make sure that a material hoist can carry the size and weight of materials you need to transport. Coates Hire pivot arm hoists and material lifts are designed to carry a range of loads.

How to use a material hoist
Material hoists are designed for single-person operation and may be electric, hydraulic or manually operated. Operation of material hoists is straightforward, but operators need to be fully trained and must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when using any materials handling equipment.

Before hoisting, operators must make sure the load is secure in the hook and centred. Check that the chain is lubricated and not slack and remove any loose material. Hoisting should be done in smooth motions, avoiding abrupt stops and starts and jerky motions.

Material hoists must not be used beyond their max lifting height and capacity and should only be used to lift materials they have been specifically designed for. The area should be clear of personnel before hoisting begins.

If your operators are not trained in the use of material hoists or other materials handling equipment, Coates Hire offers training courses through our registered training provider.
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Whatever size or capacity of material hoist you need, Coates Hire has the largest range of materials handling hire equipment in Australia. Talk to your local branch to discuss your hoisting needs and our experts will match you to the ideal equipment.
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