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Mini-Excavator 3.2t - 3.5t

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A 3 tonne excavator has a huge range of applications for construction and landscaping. Strong rubber tracks ensure manoeuvrability over slippery or rocky terrain even while working in tight spaces. A 3 tonne mini digger/excavator is used for digging, grading, backfilling, levelling and more. For additional convenience, mini excavator trailers are also available at Coates Hire, so you can act fast and get the job done in no time.  
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A 3 tonne mini excavator is large and powerful enough to undertake a huge range of jobs. If digging, demolition or largescale landscaping is required, a 3 tonne mini excavator is up to the task. Mini excavator trailers designed to handle the weight are also available at best available hire rates. Trailer packages for 3 tonne mini excavators and 1 tonne mini excavators take building projects for owner/operators, tradies and builders to the next level. 
Power for 3.2t (kW) 29.9
Dig Depth for 3.2t (mm) 3100
What is a mini excavator?
Excavators, also known as diggers, are used for trenching, digging holes, forming foundations, materials handling, demolition, landscaping and more. Large and mini hydraulic excavators are the machines that get the job done fast and accurately, without you needing to raise a sweat. 

What fuel does a 3 tonne mini excavator use?
A 3 tonne mini excavator from Coates Hire runs on efficient diesel fuel. These excavators are cost-effective way to complete a lot of work in one or two days. 

How wide is a 3 tonne mini excavator?
These excavators are deceptively narrow and can fit through a 1000mm doorway. At around 1300mm high, mini excavators are ideal for working in tight spaces with limited access.

How much does a 3 tonne mini excavator hire cost?
A mini excavator can complete major digging, earthworks or landscaping jobs in only a day or two. In other words, you can save thousands of dollars by spending less than a thousand, including excavator trailer hire. Contact Coates Hire for 3 tonne excavators and mini excavator trailer hire rates. 
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Mini-Excavator 3.2t - 3.5t