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Motor Graders

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A motor grader is a very large construction machine. Road maintenance and road finishing works are carried out by governments, civic construction departments, developers and private landowners using heavy duty articulated motor graders with grade control. With immense power to scrape and even out the road surface, using a blade up to 14ft wide, Coates Hire motor graders are a construction machine worth considering.
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Model / Size
Grader Articulated 45 - 70kW (10ft Blade)
Grader Articulated 70 - 110kW (12ft Blade)
Grader Articulated 115 - 160kW (14ft Blade)
Blade Width (Imperial) 12'
Operating Weight (t) 14.2
Blade Width (mm) 3658
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Grader Freeroller
Windrow Eliminator
ML GPS Receiver
A license is required to operate a motor grader. These construction machines are easy to drive and manoeuvre by anyone with adequate training and a little experience. CAT motor graders are a familiar site at Australian construction and roadworks sites, and Coates Hire is the backbone of many large projects. Motor graders are in demand with site managers and construction engineers who demand first class results. 
What is a motor grader?
Motor graders are recognized by the wide and powerful scraping blade that levels roadways and building sites. 

What is the use of a motor grader?
The major function is in roadworks. When engineered camber and slope is required, a motor grader will cut the angles. Motor graders create better roads with a firm surface and proper drainage. 

How do you use a motor grader?
The operator sits in an air-conditioned cab, and controls are easy to use. For ultimate guidance, the operator can use a GPS, UTS or laser machine control system that provides guidance via an in-cab visual display panel. Contact a Coates Hire service professional regarding motor grader operator qualifications and other accreditations. 
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Motor Graders