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Plate Compactor Diesel Large 451kg 699kg

Code: 10850
This heavy-duty plate compactor is ideal for working with granular and rocky soils that settle during compaction. The 451kg – 699kg diesel plate compactor provides a wide base that spreads compaction force over a greater area. For compacting large areas into flat surfaces with a smooth finish, this plate compactor is highly recommended. Perfect for road bases, driveways and paving areas, powerful compaction takes the strain out of hard work. 
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The heavy-duty reversible plate and high compaction performance make this product suitable for medium and large-scale landscaping and construction jobs. Compaction is required for backfilling retaining walls, creating solid foundations and locking paving stones in place. Every project requiring a strong foundation will benefit from initial plate compaction work.
How does a plate compactor work?

This large heavy-duty plate compactor combines a wide compacting base with diesel-powered vibrating energy for optimised compaction. Impact forces far heavier than the machine itself allow the user to compact large areas of ground quickly.

How do you use a plate compactor?

The 451kg – 699kg plate compactor is designed for ease of use. Controls are located on the handlebar for walk-behind operation and convenient manoeuvring of the plate compactor into position. This diesel compactor has a reversible plate, is self-propelling and has a high compaction rate.

How wide is a plate compactor?

The large plate compactor is close to a metre wide, allowing you to compact a lot of soil in minimal time. This machine is ideal for compacting sand, soil, stone and pavers, ensuring you create a firm base for your project. Coates Hire rates are the best on offer, and we provide a 24-hour online ordering service for your convenience, so check with your nearest branch for unbeatable deals on plate compactors and other equipment. 
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Plate Compactor Diesel Large 451kg 699kg