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Steel Plates

Code: TRA122-4
Steel road plates are heavy-duty steel plates used as a temporary road covering during roadworks and excavations. These road plates can carry a large vehicle safely and we also supply extra-thick steel plates for safe access of heavier vehicles and heavy construction equipment.
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Model / Size
Steel Plate - 12mm - 1.2M x 1.2M
Steel Plate - 12mm - 1.5M x 0.9M
Steel Plate - 12mm - 1.8M x 0.6M
Steel Plate - 12mm - 2.4M x 0.6M
Steel Plate - 12mm - 2.4M x 1.2M
Steel Plate - 25mm - 1.5M x 1.2M
Steel Plate - 25mm - 1.8M x 1.2M
Steel Plate - 25mm - 2.4M x 0.6M
Steel Plate - 25mm - 2.4M x 1.2M
Steel Plate - 25mm - 2.4M x 1.5M
Steel Plate - 25mm - 2.4M x 1.8M
Steel Plate - 25mm - 2.7M x 1.2M
Steel Plate - 25mm - 3.0M x 1.2M
Steel Plate - 25mm - 3.0M x 1.9M
Steel Plate - 25mm - 3.0M x 2.4M
Steel Plate - 25mm - 4.0M x 1.3M
Steel Plate - 25mm - 4.0M x 1.8M
Steel Plate - 25mm - 6.0M x 2.4M
Steel Plate - 32mm - 2.4M x 1.8M
Steel Plate - 32mm - 3.0M x 1.2M
Steel Plate - 32mm - 3.0M x 1.8M
Steel Plate - 32mm - 4.0M x 1.8M
TrakMat - 2.4M x 1.1M - TM4496
Temporary steel road plates are specially manufactured to cover broken road and excavations on roads and other areas. Steel road plate installation can be overseen by Coates Hire professionals, providing a safe road or walkway for vehicles and pedestrians during repair and maintenance operations. 
What are steel road plates?
Steel road plates are heavy duty plates used to cover excavations, pits, broken road and other uneven surfaces. Coates Hire supplies a wide range of steel plates of varying dimensions, so you can hire the heavy duty plates your require. 

What can steel road plates be used for? 
Steel road plates can be used to cover large and small areas of road excavations, broken road and other construction excavations where access is required to carry large vehicles.

What kind of steel are road plates?
Steel road plates are constructed with heavy duty non-treated steel with anti-skid protection according to steel road plate specifications. Coates Hire steel road plate weight is designed to create an almost immovable surface for safe carriage of all vehicle types.

Where to hire steel road plates?
Coates Hire enjoys a reputation as Australia’s favourite equipment hire service. We have hire centres in all major Australian cities and regional centres, and you can hire online, over the phone or in person. Contact Coates Hire today for all your equipment and machinery hire needs.
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Steel Plates