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Compressor 175 - 190 CFM - Diesel

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This powerful diesel powered air compressor will drive heavy demolition equipment. Use it with rock drills, chipping hammers, demolition hammers and other pneumatic (air driven) equipment. The 175-190 CFM model is road towable and ready for action, complete with lockable control panel. There are multiple hose couplings for multifunctional performance at your worksite and this unit makes an ideal stand-by power source during outages.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Workers involved in industrial building applications will benefit from the additional compression diesel power generates. The towable air compressor is perfect for setting up on building and construction sites, and is a must-have piece of equipment in some trades. If you have big jobs that require powerful assistance, the 175-190 CFM Diesel air compressor will fit the bill.
What is a diesel air compressor?

A diesel air compressor transforms diesel motor power into pressurised air that is held in a storage tank ready for use. Diesel powered compressed air is used for diverse and demanding needs of professionals in the building, construction and transport industries. 

How does a diesel air compressor work?

This towable 175 – 190 CFM diesel air compressor can be positioned, connected and ready for action in minutes. At Coates Hire, we have the equipment, connections and couplings required, making us your one-stop-shop. Powerful pressurised air can run heavy-duty construction and demolition equipment, making Coates Hire the cost-effective solution for short and long-term use.

What is the main purpose of a diesel air compressor?

A quality air compressor is indispensable on the construction site, and this portable air compressor is a favourite with builders, tradies and developers who know how to transform potential into reality. Coates Hire are the no-sweat solution for major building tasks. Check out the Australia-wide diesel engine compressor range at Coates Hire, and get your project underway. 
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Compressor 175 - 190 CFM - Diesel