Traffic Management - Portaboom - Coates Hire
Traffic Management - Portaboom - Coates Hire
Traffic Management - Portaboom - Coates Hire
Traffic Management - Portaboom - Coates Hire


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A portaboom is a remote-controlled boom gate for establishing safe traffic access to work sites, car parks and other areas. The portaboom facilitates the traffic controller to work remotely, away from busy traffic and construction areas.
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Coates Hire portabooms are ideal for temporary traffic access management. Remote control boom gates allow the boom gate controller to work from a safe distance. A portaboom creates a physical barrier for access, giving you control when directing a line of traffic toward parking or other access areas. 

Operated by a single button remote control

Stable and portable

Rechargeable batteries provide up to 6,500 movements

Eliminates risk of Traffic Controllers standing in the direct line of traffic

Reduces risk of motorists ignoring traffic controllers or light signals

What is a portaboom?
Portaboom units are portable boom gates designed for optimal traffic management during busy construction or maintenance operations. Remote control operation from a safe zone make portabooms the safe way to direct traffic. 

What are portabooms used for?
Portaboom remote control boom gates have lots of applications. They can be positioned any place where traffic management access is required.

What are the safety benefits of a portaboom?
A portaboom provides a physical barrier between drivers and construction sites, car parks and other areas. The boom gate allows the traffic controller to stand in a safe zone away from busy roads and traffic congestion.

Where to hire a portaboom?
Coates Hire has all traffic management systems available, including portabooms. Coates Hire centres are located in all major Australian cities and regional locations, providing you with fast access to equipment and machinery whenever required. Contact us today for more information.
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