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Quick Cut Trolley suit TS700 / 800

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Used in conjunction with a demolition saw, this lightweight quick cut trolley suit makes for easy and accurate saw handling and use. Specially designed to assist cutting long lengths in concrete floors and other hard surfaces, this trolley suit includes built-in mechanisms for adjusting cutting depth. For big cutting jobs involving concrete, asphalt, bricks or pavers, look no further than the quick cut trolley suit TS700-800.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
The quick cut trolley suit is favoured by builders and DIY experts who focus on workplace health and safety. Upright operation, user-friendly features and accurate cutting action add up to comfortable work and a superior finished product. Perfectly straight lines are a noticeable feature of a quality finish, courtesy of this quick cut trolley suit.
What is a quick cut trolley?

The power of construction and demolition equipment should be respected, and a quick cut trolley is the safe way to handle powerful saws designed for cutting concrete, asphalt and other hard surface materials. Innovative 3-wheeled design and long handlebar provide ergonomic functionality for accurate and comfortable cutting.

What does a quick cut trolley do?

For starters, a quick cut trolley will ensure your cut is straight. The saw is locked in place and guided by handlebar control. The user walks safely behind, with full view of the saw, the cut, and any surrounding obstacles or hazards. 

How does a concrete saw trolley work?

The quick cut trolley can be adjusted for holding various saw blades, with potential usage max cut depth of 140mm. A cutting trolley will get your concrete cut right first time and is an ideal power cutter for pavers and other outdoor design features. Concrete saw trolley hire will save time and money, while delivering a superior finished product.   
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Quick Cut Trolley suit TS700 / 800