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Sediment Tanks

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A sediment tank is a simple but highly effective piece of fluid management equipment. Sediment tanks allow particles suspended in water to settle as the wastewater flows slowly through the tank. Accumulated solids and heavier material, called sludge, forms at the bottom of the tank and is periodically removed.
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Sediment Tank
Sediment Tank 4m
Sediment Tank 6m
Sediment tanks are suitable for anyone who needs to filter water or sewerage. Sedimentation is followed by other efficient purification processes for establishing hygienic workplaces in rural and remote areas. These tanks are ideal for short term hire wherever large-scale projects are underway. 
Sediment Tank Type Length (m) Width (m) Height (m) Capacity (L) Dry Weight (kg) Wet Weight (kg)
4m Sediment tank 4.1 2.2 2 9900 2000 15000
6m Sediment Tank 6.1 2.2 2 15000 3000 20000
What are sediment tanks?
Sediment tanks separate heavy material and floating matter from water. Internal baffles of Coates Hire sediment tanks cause water and sediment to flow slowly through the system, allowing heavier materials to settle.

Are sediment tanks hooked up to sewerage?
Sediment it treated, compacted, stabilised and taken away, rather than being hooked up to an existing sewerage system. Desludging valves at the bottom provide a non-messy desludging operation, and it is possible to attach a chemical dosing unit to your sediment tank.

Can I trust sediment tanks from Coates Hire?
Yes, you can. Coates Hire sediment tanks are made from high grade stainless steel. These durable and corrosion resistant tanks are cleaned and sterilised prior to every use, and are new or in as-new condition. You can combine a sediment tank with other wastewater monitoring and filtration systems.
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Sediment Tanks