Water Treatment Project, Wolli Creek, NSW

Coates Hire was engaged to design a temporary water treatment solution for a construction site that had encountered significant groundwater contamination upon the commencement of dewatering. The range of contaminants that were identified during the site assessment that had breached the adopted stormwater discharge requirements included hydrocarbons, heavy metals, total suspended solids, turbidity and pH. Coates Hire Water Treatment Engineers designed a system that included a Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment Unit, pH dosing tank and a Media Filtration Unit to achieve the ANZECC criteria for discharge. During the commissioning of the system, analysis of the water was conducted that determined that the system designed by Coates Hire had removed contaminants and treated the groundwater to the required criteria. Coates Hire completed periodic analysis of the discharge water throughout the duration of the 6 month project to ensure that our client was able to meet their regulatory reporting requirements and to ensure that the system was maintaining its effectiveness.

Fuel Farm Sheet Pile Excavation

Coates Hire Services was engaged to provide design, supply and installation of a sheet pile and hydraulic shoring system for the new fuel tanks as part of a petrol station renewal project. The commercial impact of closing the petrol station required our offer to prioritise the speedy installation and extraction for our client. A combination of the Coates Hire Services installation team’s experience in sheet pile installation as well as the unique proprietary Mega Brace hydraulic waler system allowed for reduced install times without the need for any on-site welding. The ability to not weld on site is of particular advantage in the hazardous environment of a petrol station. The unique design allowed for the installation of three 13 metre long underground fuel tanks in one excavation without any struts or walers clashing with installation of the tanks.

Crane Back-Propping Multi Storey Carpark

Coates Hire Services was engaged by our client to provide design, supply and installation services for structural back propping of a 300 tonne tower crane on top of a 7 story carpark.

Coates Hire Services was able to respond quickly and supply a combination of our hydraulic and structural mechanical props across the existing 7 levels of the carpark structure.

Installation time and cost was reduced by tailoring propping requirements to each level and taking advantage of our large 250 tonne high capacity hydraulic prop on the ground floor.

Carpark access restraints permitted small forklifts only to be used in the active carpark. To improve efficiency the Coates Hire Services engineering team developed a custom installation tool that could be used to provide fast installation times utilising the smaller than normal equipment allowed.

The job was completed to within the customer’s tight schedule requirements.

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