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Sewer Bypass

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Sewer bypass systems can be customed designed to suit infrastructure, construction, earthmoving and development. Coates Hire equipment includes high flow pumps, remote control pumps and large hose flanged discharge pumps for taking on major sewer bypass work. We have all the diesel and electric pumps and pump connections you need for completing large tasks with a minimum of fuss. 
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Model / Size
Flow Pump High 300mm CP/CD300
Large Pump 200mm CP/CD200
Acoustic Barriers
Auto Start Remote Control Panel Pump
Hose Flanged Discharge Pump 150mm (Refinery)
Hose Flanged Discharge Pump 250mm (Per Metre)
Sewer bypass pumps are specifically designed for safe wastewater removal, storage and filtration. Sewer bypass pumps are used for temporary rerouting pipelines during earthworks and building works. Sound-attenuating sewer bypass pumps can be used in noise-sensitive areas and residential neighbourhoods.
When are sewer bypass water systems used?
Health and safety is serious business, and sewer bypass water pumps are often essential during major construction projects. Sewer bypass pumps are equally valuable for short-term residential use during renovations or developments. There are heaps more uses, and you can speak to Coates Hire regarding your specific project requirements.

What type of liquids can sewer bypass pumps handle?
These are large and powerful 150mm – 300mm pumps that can handle liquids and solids. Sewer bypass pump systems are designed to handle dirty trench water and sewerage waste seamlessly for treatment and removal. 

Why choose Coates Hire?
Coates Hire equipment is in new or in as-new condition. Every time you hire, you are receiving equipment in top working order so you can complete work on time and on schedule. Why maintain an unreliable pumping system when you can hire optimised machinery for a fraction of the price?
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Sewer Bypass