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Silenced Skid Mounted – 10 to 125kVA

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A diesel generator uses the diesel engine along with an electric generator, and skid mounted generators from Coates Hire are used for planned and emergency power supply all around Australia. For builders and engineers working off the grid, the wide range of Coates Hire silenced skid mounted generators will ensure you make the best choice for completing large and small projects.
Ear Protection
Steel Cap Boots
Model / Size
Generator - Diesel - Small - 40 - 45kVA
Generator - Diesel - Small - 46 - 50kVA
Output 50kVA(40kW)
Supply 240/415v, 70 amps
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Generator - Diesel - Small - 56 - 60kVA
Output 56kVA(45kW)
Supply 240/415v, 78 amps
Output 60kVA(48kW)
Supply 240/415v, 83 amps
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Generator - Diesel - Small - 70 - 75kVA
Output 70kVA(56kW)
Supply 240/415v, 97amps
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Generator - Diesel - Small - 76 - 80kVA
Output 80kVA(64kW)
Supply 240/415v, 111 amps
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Generator - Diesel Small 96kVA - 100kVA
Generator Diesel Small 125kVA – 135kVA
A diesel powered skid-mounted generator can provide a great deal of power over a long period of time. These generators are used in industries and situations where there is a high demand for power. Skid mounted generators shouldn’t be confused with household generators that provide limited electricity for powering appliances and household technology. A 20-80kVA skid mounted generator from Coates Hire is a builders best friend.
What is skid mounted generator?
Silenced skid mounted generators from Coates Hire sit on a sturdy skid mount base that can be lifted and transported around your site. Our 20kVA generator, and larger quiet operation generators are purpose built for all-weather protection and safety.

When to use a skid mounted generator?
Coates Hire skid mounted diesel generators are designed and built to be used by builders and construction teams to get big jobs completed fast. Silent generators use economical diesel engines and a large fuel tank, and are sure to remain an essential piece of building machinery for decades to come. 

Where to hire a skid mounted generator?
Coates Hire is the first place to shop for diesel generator hire equipment. Our skid mounted generator range is second-to-none, and your skid mounted generator set can even include remote monitoring systems for ultimate peace of mind. 
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Silenced Skid Mounted – 10 to 125kVA