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Smooth Drum Rollers

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A smooth drum roller vibratory compactor increases density and load bearing strength of soil. Smooth drum rollers have added versatility when equipped with padfoot shell kits for additional roller applications. Single drum smooth drum rollers and double drum smooth drum rollers are in demand from Coates Hire Australia-wide, and our wide range of compacting equipment and machinery is up to the task. 
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Model / Size
Roller Smooth 5.0 - 8.0t - Single Drum
Operating Weight (t) 6
Drum Width (mm) 1670
Operating Weight (t) 7
Drum Width (mm) 2000
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Roller Smooth 10 - 12t - Single Drum
Operating Weight (t) 10
Drum Width (mm) 2130
Operating Weight (t) 11
Drum Width (mm) 2130
Operating Weight (t) 12
Drum Width (mm) 2130
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Roller Smooth 13t - Single Drum
Operating Weight (t) 13
Drum Width (mm) 2130
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Roller Smooth 14t - Single Drum
Roller Smooth 15t - Single Drum
Operating Weight (t) 15
Drum Width (mm) 2130
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Roller Smooth 16t - Single Drum
Roller Smooth 17t - Single Drum
Smooth drum rollers provide heavy duty compaction using static pressure, impact and vibration. The impact pressures and static pressures combine to provide uniform compaction with every pass. These rollers are used extensively for roadworks, engineered finishing work, parking areas, pathways and building foundations. 
What does a smooth drum roller do?
A smooth drum roller compacts soil particles into denser material with improved strength. This foundation work is an essential stage in high quality engineered works. Increased density promotes a safer work surface and stronger construction. 

When to use a smooth drum roller?
There are many different types of vibrating rollers available at Coates Hire, including smooth drum and padfoot rollers. Single drum and twin drum rollers each have specific advantages that make hiring a smooth drum roller the right option.

How to use a smooth drum roller?
At Coates Hire, we believe in giving everyone the opportunity to utilise heavy duty machinery and equipment. Our smooth drum roller range from 3t to 27t has something for every size project. We also have a great range of plate compactors and rammers for smaller jobs, all at best possible hire rates. 
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Smooth Drum Rollers