Congestion alone is not newsworthy, nor is it a unique challenge for major Australian cities – but it could soon reach critical levels in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other cities and regions as our population grows and our infrastructure projects struggle to keep up.

We know that it is harmful to the environment and detrimental to our quality of life, but according to a 2018 industry report, the economic impact of congestion could reach $37.3bn by 2030 unless major infrastructure investment is provided and policy changes implemented.

The Australian infrastructure priority list includes works all around Australia, with examples on the East Coast such as the Western Sydney Motorway, Westconnex, Sydney Light Rail and the Brisbane Metro Transport Network. Infrastructure needs in Perth include Metronet, while Australian infrastructure pipeline projects continue to expand in South Australia, North East Queensland, the Northern Territory and Tasmania. It is an exciting time for creation of infrastructure in Australia, supported by the Federal Government and State Governments.
Easing congestion today and tomorrow
In 2016 the Australian Infrastructure Plan revealed some of the country’s major infrastructure challenges and opportunities. This This Australian Government plan and Australian infrastructure audit provides a glimpse into the future transport network requirements and infrastructure needs of our major cities by identifying key areas for reform, and helps to prioritise a business case for increased funding.
Aligned with this plan, a $75bn 10-year infrastructure blitz is well and truly underway, with public funds being injected into transport infrastructure for road projects, bridges, rail and light rail transport. As well as easing congestion, it is hoped that the transport infrastructure boom will help to future-proof our communities, improve social infrastructure for quality of life and underpin significant economic growth.
But with so many high priority road projects and rail projects underway all at once, in the short term this “boom” is also partly to blame for slowing drivers down. So how can we work more efficiently, across the supply chain, to keep infrastructure projects moving and delivered on time?

Scaling up

As the largest and oldest equipment hire business in Australia, Coates Hire has more than half a million pieces of equipment in its fleet, making it an obvious choice for supporting major transport infrastructure projects in NSW, Victoria, the ACT and other Australian states and territories. Leading Federal Government politicians including the Prime Minister and CEO of Infrastructure Australia, Romilly Madew support priority projects with targeted infrastructure spending.

Coates Hire continues to invest in a wide range of equipment to support growth in this sector, expanding its fleet of traffic management and safety solutions. In particular, the business has invested considerably in BG800 road safety barriers, variable message boards, solar-powered temporary traffic lights and truck-mounted attenuators (also called safety trucks and traffic control trucks). Plans are also in place to invest in our fleet of generators and shoring and propping equipment for construction and demolition across industry.

Shaped for success
Helping customers keep tight construction schedules for infrastructure in Australia requires more than just scale and breadth – having fast and easy access to hire equipment is another important factor. Bearing this in mind, Coates Hire has shaped the business leading into the boom make sure we are highly accessible to our customers and their construction projects.
Our fleet and 230 branches have been strategically placed (and in some cases relocated) across Australia to offer the right equipment, in the right quantities, from the right locations. With a fleet of 170 trucks completing 40,000 deliveries (and equally as many pick-ups) each month, Coates Hire is well placed to help customers keep major projects moving.
Customer focused

Coates Hire continues to invest in technology to support its growing infrastructure pipeline operations, with a focus on improving customer experience. Technology plays an important role in how we connect with and support our customers and we are committed to developing the tools and interfaces to foster these important relationships, whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, the Gold Coast, Perth, or anywhere else around Australia.
We also increasingly rely on quality data and intelligent procurement processes to understand our customers and their infrastructure projects, and to anticipate equipment hire needs. This deep customer and industry knowledge helps us to achieve cost savings, reduce waste and equipment down time. It also helps our customers to deliver infrastructure projects quickly and efficiently, keeping traffic moving today and easing congestion in the long run.
What helps keep your infrastructure projects on track? How can our industry speed up construction to reduce congestion? Please share your thoughts with us via LinkedIn.
Alternatively, please contact a member of the Coates Hire team on 13 15 52. 

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