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Tractor Attachments

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Tractors are essential machines for farm work. When tractors are fitted with tractor attachments, the number of jobs a tractor can carry out are multiplied tremendously. Whether you require a post hole digger for making a long-lasting fence line, or a slasher for making hay while the sun shines, tractor attachments will make a big difference. Explore Coates Hire compact tractor attachments, skid steer attachments mini excavator attachments for all your jobsite needs.  
Tractor attachments are suitable for anyone who understands what it takes to complete large rural fencing and landscaping jobs. Tractors and attachments are also useful at boggy and slippery construction and building sites where there is no alternative to tractor traction. A heavy-duty tractor is a real workhorse, and quality attachments with convenient point linkage are available at Coates Hire. 
What are tractor attachments?
Tractor attachments are specially designed for easy connection with your tractor’s hydraulic system. The full power of the tractor engine can be used for heavy duty digging, drilling and other tasks at the worksite or on the farm.

What are tractor attachments used for?
Drilling and auger attachments are commonly used for fencing large properties. Slashers and rotary hoes are also in demand with farmers who want to make the most out of their land.

Where to hire tractor attachments?
Coates Hire is the obvious choice. We have more available machinery and equipment than anyone else, an Australia-wide network of hire branches, and the lowest available prices on all products. 
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Tractor Attachments