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Trailer - Cage - Small

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A reliable, general purpose trailer with caged sides. The cage trailer can be towed behind any vehicle. Combine cage hire with tow ball, rope and tarpaulin load covers. This cage is ideal for securing loose loads such as garden waste, and equally adept at transporting commercial equipment, construction material, furniture, and anything else requiring relocation.
Steel Cap Boots
The high sides and pneumatic tyres provide balance and support for accommodating weighty loads. The cage design holds items in place on the open road so you can focus on the road ahead. This light cage trailer can even be towed by a small 4-cylinder vehicle, and is ideal for clean-up jobs around the worksite or other property.
How much does a small cage trailer weigh?

A small cage trailer weighs more than a standard vehicle trailer due to the metal cage sides. This trailer can carry up to 400kg of material, so it is advisable to pull it with a suitable vehicle or 4WD if loaded to capacity.

Where can you attach the small cage trailer?

The small cage trailer is attached to the tow bar and hooked up to the vehicles electrical circuitry so the trailer has functioning indicators and stop lights. This cage trailer is relatively low, making reversing into position easier.

How much is it to hire a cage trailer?

This cage trailer costs around $60 per day to hire. If you are moving furniture, boxes, tools, equipment or other gear, small cage trailer rental is the cost effective way to get the job done without breaking the bank. Contact Coates Hire regarding small cage trailer and enclosed cargo trailer rental, and get your move underway.
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Trailer - Cage - Small