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Water Blaster - 3000PSI - Cold - C/W Trailer - Diesel

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Used for a variety of industrial, automotive and commercial cleaning purposes, the 3000psi water blaster is a real time and energy saver. Also known as a pressure cleaner or Gerni, this powerful machine blasts away dirt, grease, oil and other stuck-on scum at the pull of the trigger. The long hose, blaster gun and low-emission diesel energy facilitates convenient and comfortable power washing.
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Steel Cap Boots
This powerful, portable and easily manoeuvred 3000psi water blaster is ideal for mobile contractors and construction workers. This water blaster is suitable for cleaning cars, boats, motorbikes, paving, swimming pools and building exteriors. Set up takes only a couple of minutes, and cleaning has never been easier.
What is a diesel water blaster?

A 4000psi cold water blaster, also known as a water blaster or gurney, is a high-pressure water cleaning powerhouse. This strong diesel powered unit includes rubber tyres and a sturdy frame for negotiating all types of terrain.

What surfaces can a diesel water blaster clean?

Diesel water blaster action will clean concrete pathways, paved areas and other hard surfaces. 4000psi provides plenty of water blasting pressure to maximise cleaning coverage in minimal time. 

Do pressure washers need a water supply?

Pressure washers perform with a constant water supply. This water blaster can be set up and running in minutes. Simply connect the water blaster to a tap, use the fast electric start, and you are good to go. 
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Water Blaster - 3000PSI - Cold - C/W Trailer - Diesel