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Water Blaster / Rotary Floor Cleaning Unit Combination

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Petrol powered cold water blaster for the workshop, construction site, or other industrial applications. This machine will help you pressure wash and rotary clean simultaneously. Take the strain out of backbreaking cleaning jobs with a water blaster/rotary floor cleaner. This machine will power through tough, stuck-on stains.
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This machine is suitable for cleaning any large hard floor area. Ideal for commercial establishments, kitchens, paving, driveways, construction sites and more. Fast to set up and easy to operate, this floor cleaner is in demand with builders and maintenance teams.
How does a floor stripper work?

Floor stripping takes special equipment designed for the task, and a floor stripper will remove stuck on materials from any surface. Petrol powered water blasting and rotary cleaning functions are combined to attack oil, stains and stuck on impediments requiring removal, resulting in an as-new floor surface. 

When should you use a floor scrubber?

This rotary floor cleaner is commercial grade, with rotary clean functions and heavy-duty water blaster power. Suitable for big jobs requiring serious cleaning solutions, the water blaster / rotary floor cleaner is the cleaning machine that will relieve you of backbreaking work, at an affordable price. 

What are the floor cleaning processes?

Rotary floor cleaner use is straight forward, with the machine guided by easy to operate handlebar controls. Designed specifically for heavy-duty cleaning of floors, driveways and other large surfaces, this floor machine is an all-in-one solution attached to an industrial-strength frame. Contact Coates Hire for your rotary floor scrubber hire needs.
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Water Blaster / Rotary Floor Cleaning Unit Combination