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Welder - Electric - 100A - 160A

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Lightweight and portable, this 100A – 160A electric welder is ideal for a wide range of applications and welding techniques. Versatile uses include stick welding carbon steel or stainless steel. Portable and easy to set up, this electric powered welder inverter is ideal for smaller welding jobs in the workshop or garage. Varied small industrial welding functions make this an in-demand product.
Breathing Mask
Full face shield
Steel Cap Boots
The electric inverter, complete with a range of connections, is suitable for workshops, construction sites, panel beaters, and DIY home setups. Welding has dozens of practical applications for car restoration, boat building, machine repair, furniture making and other projects around the home or at the worksite.
What is an inverter welder?

An inverter welder is a heavy-duty, portable electric welder used in a wide range of welding techniques. Although relatively new, inverter welders have become popular due to inverter technology that uses smaller transformers and demands less power.

How to use an inverter welder?

When in use, an inverter welder performs all functions of traditional welding equipment. Inverter welding machines are used for welding aluminium, stainless steel, carbon steel and more. Your Coates Hire specialist will run through all the inverter welder advantages with you.

Do inverter welders use less power?

Welders are notoriously power hungry, with arc welder and stick welding functions drawing on electricity. Fortunately, inverter welders use less power and are suitable for professional welders and weekend welders with a can-do attitude. 
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Welder - Electric - 100A - 160A