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Wheel Loaders/ITC

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Wheel loaders are often the fastest machines for loading and filling other large vehicles, skips or industrial equipment. Wheel loaders are heavy duty machines with capabilities beyond a regular dump truck. Compact wheel loaders and wheel loader attachments are also available at Coates Hire, with a range of wheel loader buckets to match. Our wheel loaders, up to 13.7t, can handle heavy duty vertical lifting of large quantities of soil, rubble, rubbish, building materials and almost anything else. 
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Model / Size
Integrated Tool Carrier 8.5t
Integrated Tool Carrier 12.0t
Integrated Tool Carrier 13.7t
Wheel Loader - 1 m3 Bucket Capacity - 4x4
Wheel Loader - 1.5 - 2.5m3 Bucket Capacity
Large wheel loaders are used for large-scale mining and industrial applications, while compact wheel loaders suit smaller urban developments. Whatever your loader requirements, Coates Hire has wheel loaders, skid steer loaders (bobcats), excavators and a whole lot more on offer. Wheel loaders make fast work of big jobs and have wide ranging commercial applications. 
What is a wheel loader?
A wheel loader is a powerful truck that uses impressive hydraulic power to perform vertical lifting of materials. The huge load bucket is an obvious advantage for certain jobs, and Coates Hire wheel loaders include a fully enclosed air-conditioned cab. 

What is a wheel loader used for?
Wheel loaders move large amounts of material quickly. They are used in places such as mines, major construction sites, dumps and other expansive enterprises. A wheel loader can clear the entire site, deliver a truck load of topsoil, turn the compost and haul major obstacles out of the way.

Where to hire a wheel loader?
Coates Hire is the obvious choice. We have an Australia-wide network of hire branches, wheel loaders of all sizes for every application, and hire prices our competitors can’t match. 
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Wheel Loaders/ITC