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Balloon Lights

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Balloon lights are portable, freestanding lighting units. The balloon construction material diffuses and softens direct light. Coates Hire Balloon Lights offer 3000w halogen and 300,000 lumens powerful 360° illumination. The high-intensity lamp is surrounded by translucent fabric for glare free lighting solutions for a wide range of commercial, construction and industrial applications.
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Light towers play an important night-time role as road construction lights and at construction sites. Coates Hire mobile lighting towers are also popular for use at festivals and outdoor events.
What is a balloon light?

A balloon light provides powerful illumination without glare. Balloon lights are robust, durable, and emit daylight level brightness for working at night. Freestanding balloon lights are incredibly versatile on the job site, along with utility for creating the perfect ambiance for stage shows and other festivities. A balloon light functions in a similar way to a Chinese lantern, with powerful balloon work light diffused by special balloon material.

What are the applications of balloon light?

Applications include roadworks, construction, movie sets, festivals and any other environment requiring mobile lighting tower brilliance. 

Where to hire balloon lights?

Coates Hire mobile lighting towers are in demand. With an Australia-wide network of hire depots, and a wider range of equipment and products than anyone else, we are your trusted balloon light hire company. We offer the best possible light tower hire rates for short and long-term rental.

How do you use balloon light?

Coates Hire Balloon lighting equipment is portable and easy to set up. Your Coates Hire lighting professional can guide you through the steps so you have your light towers up and running in no time. 
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Balloon Lights