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Silenced Generator Hire

If you're working around a residential or commercial area and you're concerned about your generator causing a noise disturbance, or you just want to reduce the noise level on your construction site for the comfort and safety of your team, make sure you hire a silenced generator.
Silenced inverter generators from Coates Hire have compact sound-reduced or super-sound-reduced canopies to block out most noise and ensure quieter operation. Many units also have automatic voltage regulators to prevent fluctuations and effortless key-start function so you can get power when you need it, wherever you are.

What is a silenced generator?

The noise level of a generator can be reduced in different ways. For some smaller household units, a portable generator muffler or silencer reduces noise emitted by the diesel engine, similar to a muffler on a vehicle. The more common type of silenced generator uses a silencing canopy to trap noise produced by a larger inverter generator and prevent it from travelling.

A generator silencer enclosure is made from multiple layers of materials. Harder materials restrict sound waves from escaping and reflect them back towards the generator, while softer layers absorb the sound energy, sometimes by converting it into heat. Coates Hire has a range of silenced generators for hire, and our local experts can recommend the most suitable option for your situation.

What is the advantage of a silenced generator?

Without a generator silencer, a generator can be very loud. The higher the power output, the greater the noise. Not only can this cause discomfort for personnel working near to the generator, it could also contribute to more serious hearing loss over a prolonged period, even when ear protection is worn.

If you're carrying out work inside or close to a residential or commercial area, generator noise can cause a public disturbance. Local noise pollution laws in many parts of Australia make specific mention of power generators as a common source of unwanted noise.
If you rely on a generator as your prime power supply or an emergency backup for power outages, a silencing canopy can reduce the noise level to safe and acceptable limits, allowing you to work uninterrupted and protecting your business against lawsuits.

What is the quietest generator?
If your generator emits more than 100dB of noise, this is considered an uncomfortable noise level and may cause problems. Beyond 140dB, the noise level becomes painful for most people and can be a health hazard.

There is a limit to how much this sound can be reduced. A standard generator silencer enclosure can reduce the perceived noise level by up to 40dB. If you require a greater degree of silencing,
your local Coates Hire branch can discuss other options.
What silenced generators does Coates Hire offer?
Coates Hire has one of the widest ranges of silenced generators for hire in Australia, from lightweight and compact units under 20kVA to container-style generators producing up to 1400kVA.

All models are contained in silenced canopies to reduce noise levels on your construction site or in other settings. Many generators come with large fuel tanks, multiple outlet configurations and earth leakage protection ensuring quiet, efficient and safe operation.
Silenced skid-mounted generators – under 20kVA
These small diesel generators in sizes from 6-8kVA to 15-18kVA are suitable for personal and professional use, tradespeople, outdoor use at music, sporting or community events and the film and television industry. See all generators under 20kVA
Silenced skid-mounted generators – 10–125kVA
Suitable for light and heavy industry, construction and mining, these diesel generators are supplied on skid bases with lifting hooks for ease of movement around sites. All generators are available with fixed outlets if requested, with remote telemetry available for selected models. See all generators 10-125kVA
Silenced skid-mounted generators – 150–275kVA

Suitable for supplying prime power for ongoing operations or standby power at mining, construction and industrial sites, these medium diesel generators have large fuel tanks to extend the time between refuelling and optional remote start and paralleling functions. See all generators 150-275kVA

Silenced skid-mounted generators – 300–550kVA

Suitable for large industrial shutdowns, mining, construction and hospital use. These diesel generators can be configured for multi-unit operation of up to 32 units to create multi-megawatt power stations for large events and facilities. See all generators 300-550kVA

Container-style generators – 650–1400kVA

The largest generators available with silencing canopies, 1400kVA generators have an output exceeding 1 Megawatt. These can be scaled for multi-unit operation to power sites of all sizes. See all generators 650-1400kVA

Do I need a licence to use a silenced generator?

Operating a generator and plugging in loads and leads does not require a licence, but any electrical wiring that needs to be installed needs to be handled by a licensed electrician. When you hire silenced generators from Coates Hire, we can make sure the power supply is set up how you need it, with simple key-start operation and low-maintenance refuelling.

Why choose Coates Hire for silenced generators?

We have one of the largest fleets of silenced generators for hire in Australia, supplying to all states and territories in remote locations wherever power is needed. We supply reliable silenced generators and power distribution for projects of all sizes and large events where noise disturbance must be kept to a minimum.
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