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Shell Kit

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A padfoot shell kit is a roller shell that extends the utility of smooth drum rollers. Padfoot rollers are ideal for compacting cohesive granular materials and semi-cohesive soils, and a padfoot shell kit from Coates Hire will improve roller versatility for earthworks, roadworks and building foundations. A padfoot shell kit is installed in easy-to-manage segments, quickly transforming the compacting capability of regular smooth drum rollers into major earthworks assistants.
Padfoot roller rental is suitable for hands-on builders and construction teams with the skillset to tackle major jobs. If you are hiring a single-drum or double-drum smooth drum roller, consider the addition of a Coates Hire padfoot shell kit for maximum compacting of cohesive and semi-cohesive soils. 
What is a padfoot shell kit?
Padfoot rollers are extremely effective compaction equipment in demand with building and construction experts. A padfoot shell kit fits over a smooth roller drum in several segments, and can be fitted and removed easily for adaptable drum roller use. 

What does a padfoot shell kit do?
Padfoot shell kits utilise heavy duty roller weights and impact force to compact cohesive clay and mixed soils. Large padfoot shell kits provide the force you require for all-day progress on the construction site. 

Where to hire a padfoot shell kit?
Coates Hire is the first choice for padfoot roller rental. Coates Hire offers an Australia-wide network of equipment hire branches, plus a superior online rental service. We have a bigger compaction equipment range than anyone else, including padfoot roller shell kit prices that can’t be beat. 
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Shell Kit