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Trailer Mounted Attenuators

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Truck mounted attenuators are mobile crash cushions designed to lessen the impact of vehicle collision from behind. Scorpion truck mounted attenuators are the reliable attenuator of choice for use in roadworks construction zones. A mobile work truck mounted attenuator can be repositioned along with the forward vehicle for maximising safety of workers and drivers.
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Truck Attenuator - 15T - GVM
Used in conjunction with high visibility LED arrow signage or other traffic control information, a truck/trailer mounted attenuator will absorb rear-end impacts. Truck mounted attenuator hire will minimize the possibility of damage and prevent impacting vehicles from under-riding the forward vehicle.
What is a truck mounted attenuator?
A truck mounted attenuator is a crash barrier connected to the back of a roadworks vehicle. Mounted attenuators minimise crash impacts from rear-following vehicles. 

What is a TMA in traffic control?
Truck mounted attenuators (TMA) are an important feature of traffic control. They protect workers and drivers from vehicle impacts on busy roadways and highways during major roadworks and construction projects.

Are truck mounted attenuators mandatory?
Truck mounted attenuators are mandatory on high speed freeways and high traffic volume carriageways. Attenuators absorb kinetic energy upon impact, ultimately lessening the extent of damage or injury caused by a crash. 

Where to hire truck mounted attenuators?
Coates Hire provides high quality truck mounted attenuators for rent. Scorpion truck mounted attenuator prices at Coates Hire are highly competitive, and with hire depots Australia-wide, Coates Hire is the provider of choice for major businesses and industries.
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Trailer Mounted Attenuators